Maine NEMO stands for Maine Non-point Education for Municipal Officials and is a University of Connecticut educational program for land use decision makers that addresses the relationship of land use to natural resource protection
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About Maine NEMO organization
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About Us


What is Maine NEMO?

  • NEMO is an educational program for land use decision makers that addresses the relationship between land use and natural resource protection, with a focus on water resources, nonpoint source pollution, and stormwater runoff.
  • NEMO starts with a basic presentation that explains the link between land use, water quality, and community character. The program then offers follow-up presentations and material to help communities get started on natural resource-based planning.
  • These programs assist communities in moving forward on two major aspects of natural-resource based planning: planning for areas to be preserved, and those suitable for development.


Maine NEMO's Programs

Maine NEMO can present educational programs that will be customized to your community's location and knowledge base. The type of information that these programs can include are:

  • Basic principals of non-point source pollution and increased flows due to stormwater.
  • The relationship between land use, natural resource protection and water quality.
  • Planning and site design options to reduce the impacts from development.


Maine NEMO's Newest Program…..

Open Space Planning and Protection

Many towns don't have a plan as to where, how, or even why open space should be acquired. This program will help educate land use officials by presenting a process for developing an open space plan, including the following topics:

  • How to identify open space.
  • How to characterize it.
  • How to prioritize it.
  • How to acquire it.


Interested in Our Programs…….

Sponsor a Workshop

Would you like Maine NEMO to come to your town or watershed? More importantly, do you want things to happen as a result of NEMO educational programs? If so, we need your help! We've found that one of the keys to successfully initiating discussion and change at the local level is to have as many land-use boards, commissions, and other "players" as possible to get together to hear the NEMO message at the same time. We realize it isn't easy, but it's worth making the extra effort. Give us a call today!


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